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Sailing is a passion since we were kids.  We've owned a Hobie 17, Hobie 18, Corsair F28R, J24 and a Catana C381 and have cruised and raced on various sailboats over the years up and down the East Coast.   Some notable events:

Some interesting reads from past regattas:

1997 J24 Midwinters lineup - The talent in the assembled fleet is exceptionally deep with at least 5 boats which could be considered the pre-race favorite. The reigning Italian National Champion Vasco Vascotto, who was second in the 1997 Worlds, has chartered a top boat. 1997 North American Champion Terry Hutchinson, who has finished 2nd in the Worlds several times, has his crew from the NAs with him. 1991 North American Champion Geoff Moore is sailing Ralph Devivo's boat. Tyler Moore of Hyannis, MA, sailing Peter Ryan's P.T. Blister was the Cinderella story of the 1997 Midwinters, and won the 1998 District 2 Championship. And Chris Larson, 1996 World Champion, will be sailing with 1997 World Champion Vince Brun as his crew! These 5 boats will be using sails from 4 different sailmakers - the competition for bragging rights will be fierce.

Beyond the five mentioned there are several boats which could easily step to the podium to accept the top trophies next Friday. Waleck Zaleski, Jay Miles (sailing Mookie, the boat with which Ken Read won the 1992 Worlds), Jim Beatty, and Will Crump have all shown their ability to win.

The weather forecast is calls for warm, sunny days in the early part of the week.


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1997 Key West Finish

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I have maintained Silver Star for over 15 years and know quite a lot about salboat systems.  

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Enjoy sailing and crusing on a sailboat.  It's really that simple.